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The New Prspective


We are releasing a series of documents known as "The New Perspective." This explains the original and lost meaning of the complete design of the zodiac known as anatomical man or Kaalapurusha....The New Perspective then updates this design and identifies the World as a complete body, uniting the Globe together as parts of the one body. Kaalapurusha you would have or should look at. The zones of the Zodiac are body parts. First the horns of the ram connect to the top of the head, next the big neck of the bull connects to the neck, the arms of Gemini start from the shoulders, all the way to the fin of the feet. These were observations from different parts of the World and also included the defined spiritual region of Libra and the two predicted zones, more mystical and unexplored regions of Sagittarius and Capricorn. The observations of our World defined the symbols of the 12 regions around the equatorial belt, and were superimposed back to the stars and connected to the 12 zones of the Celestial body.

This chart connects three bodies together, first our body from head to tail, which correlates to the World body and this connected to the Celestial body. This was a major discovery and influenced the World. From the region of discovery great monuments were erected and this pattern was firmly recorded. If you divide the World into 12 you can discover how this was recorded around the equator region. Start with Leo set in stone as the sphinx, this is the lungs of the body and World, beside Leo was Virgo and this relates to the Virgin Mary and connects to the womb. The scales of Buddha a central point of balance between the head and the tail. Next the start of the tail of Scorpio. Sagittarius was less explored and the dynamic was the transition into the thighs. The New Perspective shows how this relates to Australia and from this region the unique characteristic is the springy thighs of the kangaroo. In the other direction Cancer, and back to the UK Stonehenge from the breast region was set in stone. Central America mapped out the mystical pathways of Taurus and the faces of Easter Island completes the circle.

This was originally discovered by observation of the Worlds animal dynamics and beliefs. Animal features changed, from the different regions of the World. Now we have the World fully mapped and we are familiar with all of the animals, stories and beliefs from all of the regions of the Globe. This observation takes on a new discovery defined by the New Perspective. See now how all of the animals, stories and beliefs change to this basic pattern from head to tail. See the World in a new light from head to tail, discover the New Perspective.