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New Member introduction

Hello, My name is Paul, I live in Georgia/USA, in a couple of months I will move to upstate NY/USA. 

I am retired Navy (submariner) and working on a book. Not a professional writer by any means but trying my best. Right now the book is in the research phase, the subject is stories from around the world told to children, specfically stories, myths or legends told to children to make the behave, eat their vegetables, not go out at night etc. In a nutshell I would like to know each countries version of the Boogeyman. Right now I have about 125 stories but am looking for about 175 more, I have a bunch of countries I need to research. 

I hope this is the right forum for this, if so I look forward to meeting a bunch of new folks, if not just let me know and I won’t post. 

Thanks for letting me join, have a great day!






New member Introduction

Hi, I am evangelio Gonzalez, I live in Georgia, USA. I am a practicing physician, astronomer, bird photographer and love ancient history.
I enjoyed reading Ancient Origins for several years.

Evangelio Gonzalez


Greetings everyone, I’m located in Canada,
As I'm new to the site, however, I'm not new to the ancient myths/mysteries or metaphysical realms. Just trying to pull my rubbers out of the muck & mire of the dogmatic imprinting I gatherer over the years. Most of my answers have come about by tediously sifting through my own imprinting which I gained from family, social, educational and cultural understandings and very little information about the spiritual aspects of life.

Searching for my meaning of life and wanting answers to questions no-one could/would answer; started later in life, as I was busy telling the world to move over, I'm coming through. It wasn't long after my search began when I was knock down a few pegs and realized (using my real-eyes) that there actually was more to life than we are lead to believe. I now know that it is our beliefs (along with a few other things) that create our reality.

Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people. — Socrates