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Natural rock formations or man made?

Next to the road I work on constructing in FYR of Macedonia i found this formation in bushes. Could this be man made? This orange rock looks kind of out of place, it is around one meter high.
Other rocks are not very well visible because of dense bushes, but are also connected with cement like materials, I could notice that much.


its natural. A special kind

its natural. A special kind of weathering.

Looks Beautiful

Many of such architectures have been turned into heritage sites in Asian countries. This looks amazing.

Are you thinking of Bukit

Are you thinking of Bukit Sari, the sacred buddhist garden in Bali? random

 Amazing, I can see a lot of useful information here. 

natural or man made rock formations?

i have no degrees but to me its ancients’ art. It may be a natural formation, but for sure cleverly modified. i will bet my reputation on it!

It is made.  Not man-made,

It is made.  Not man-made, but made.  This is probably as old as this odd 300km2 formation, which is clearly not natural, and not man-made either. (Zoom in a bit to see the metalic grid)

Or this one, from Dallol, Ethiopia.  This sulphuric acid lake is one of the last spots where the mineralization process is taking place, at least on this planet.

With markers:



Looks natural, but

Looks natural, but interesting as the boulder is clearly not in its original place and encased in clear and distinct layers of mud/earth. Is the type of stone local to the area – you say there are others? Boulders can be found a long way from their origin after being moved by glaciers (slowly) or floods. Or they can be moved and erected by people. As an archeologist I would certainly go and have a look at this if it was local to me