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The Mongolian Death Worm

Deep within the shifting sands of the Gobi Desert lies the elusive Olgoi-Khorkhoi, the Mongolian Death Worm – or so legend has it.

What do you think the Mongolian Death Worm was/is? Do you know of any creature on which it could be based? What could have inspired the legend?

The Desert or Tartar Sand Boa, Eryx Miliaris

For photo, see:

For article, see:

And this from: -- “In 1983 a specimen of Tartar sand boa (Eryx tataricus) was shown to locals who claimed to have seen ‘olgoi-khorkhoi’ and they confirmed that this was the animal they called ‘olgoi-khorkhoi’.”

(Click on the ‘Eryx tataricus’ link in the ‘death worm’ article, and you will be taken to the ‘Eryx miliaris’ article.)

— -Raven-

Unless some more evidence

Unless some more evidence turns up the sand boa seems the most likely candidate. The allegations as to how poisinous it was or now it could ace like an electric land eel are likely exaggerations

On the other hand the locals could just have been agreeing in order to pleas the interviewers or just ge them to go away.

sand boa

This is good information, especially with confirmation from locals. The snake does not appear anything like the death worm descriptions though. I wonder why that is so. 

The real animal sometimes differs from the archetype...

Were alien anthropologists to visit the American South, presenting an actual rabbit and fox to locals and asking whether these were the creatures titled “Br’er” in certain regional stories, likely they would also be told “Yes”… and possibly they also would wonder why the real animals did not behave as in the stories. Their puzzlement might recur in the Pacific Northwest if they presented a large black bird to local tribes concerning old trickster legends — or likewise in the American Southwest if they did the same with a coyote.

Myths grow around symbols, such as familiar local animals.

Cf. hoop snake, joint snake, snow snake — fictional behavior, all.

— -Raven-

Mongolian Death Worm

Hi Raven,

They have Br'er Rabbit stories in South America? I read African Folk tales containing Br'er Rabbit Stories.

I haven't seen or read a Br'er Rabbit story in quite sometime that's why I asked about them in South America.

I took a online Native American Children's library class and was introduced to an Children's Book, I believe Blue Coyote?
He wanted to fly. Personally I think the storyline was mean.

Getting back to the Mongolian Death Worm I know that this is an obvious question but, has anyone asked the Mongolians to maybe draw what these Death Worms might look like?

If they come back with that Desert Boa; then okay, but, if they wind up drawing something else then those Worms must be out there.

The one place on the Planet I never want to go for a vacation is Australia.

That continent is a Death Trap.

There are so many ways to die in Australia, reminds me TV Death series on Spike TV 1000 ways to die, it is incredulous.

There's the frightening Funnel Spider that doesn't drown in Water, Venomous Snakes, The Bird Spider also Venomous, vicious Ants not kidding those things attack, Crocodiles.

That's just on the Land of Australia, then in the Ocean Great White Sharks in the Rivers Bull-Sharks, Saltwater Crocodiles, Deadliest Water on the planet.

All of that pales in comparison to when I learned of Australia's Beaches there are a species of Worms known as "Sandworms".

I'm not kidding I saw photographs of those Sandworms and yeah never going to Australia unless of course My God tells me too.

Then I found out Watching from Animal Planet; about a very, very, scary worm it's called a Bobbit Worm the The Kanduri in South America, would be breakfast to this Worm species.

At one time scientist weren't aware this thing existed.

Once people began getting Tanks containing Coral Reef's; one of the item's in The Tank began moving around from its original Spot, usually at night.

One day the animal The Bobbit Worm popped up and it was an enormous size Worm with seemingly protruding trap like jaws for its mouth to consume fish.

It has two eyes but it usually depends on Its mandible to catch Fish with; this Worm could take your hand off as of yet haven't ascertained if it's Venomous.

I apologize but, I can't remember how long the Worm itself was but it was about the length of the Tank it was in, the length of this Worm's body astounded me.

Far as I'm concerned that creature is out of a horror movie and it's possible; that The Mongolian Death Worm maybe a distant relative of this very Worm in the Coral Tank.

This is why I can't declare the Mongolian Death Worm a Myth as of yet. I would have thought mistakenly The Coral Reef Worm was a Myth.

That's all I have to say about the Subject on The Death Worm's. I'm a bit upset to know that South America, has Br'er Rabbit Stories all those Library Classes I took they should of taught about that.

So until Next Time Raven, I enjoyed your discussion I'll say Goodbye!

The Mongolian Death Worm

Hi All,

You know my favorite hokey Science Fiction movie series is Tremor's. A storyline developed by Universal Studios made in 1988-1989, released on the big screen in1990.

Hey it's really packed with some really good comedic action scenes.

After the first movie a whole slew of hokey follow up's to the First Movie was made and no matter the subject matter Tremor's always gets me laughing.

I suppose these Tremor Movies are a lot like The Mongolian Death Worms capable as the article explained of grabbing unsuspecting Camel's, maybe Mongolian Horses and a occasional human prey to whatever animal there is Food is food.

To often people in the past have insulted other cultures, other people's history related to their land where They and their Ancestors has flourished for year's.

The stories of Dragon's, Wyverns, Giant's, and Ogres are declared Fantasies with the case of the Mongolian Death Worm they are merely a mirage in the desert.

I think relatively that people know what is going on in their own backyards so Mongolians speak of Death Worms? This means for me I won't be visiting the Mongolian Desert anytime soon.

I think the question as to why The Mongolians has seen them and we haven't perhaps we are not suppose to see them.

As for where these Mongolian Death Worms originate; they could be a left over of some Ancient Civilizations experiment? Possible scenarios for where these Death Worms came from here's a few I thought of...

Perhaps Mongolia was at one point apart of Eden; maybe the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was planted there and since it was the source of Sin The Death Worms was a result of Adam and Eve eating from that Forbidden Tree.

God did say if the first parent's ate of that Tree; They would Surely die, apparently, Death has many forms to ensnare its victim's.

In reminiscent over those Hokey Tremor Movies I like so much has the Mongolians made known and sure fire way of killing These Death Worms? Or is it yet to be discovered?

I guess this is all I have to share about The Mongolian Death Worms but, if I think of something else then I'll come on back here and share it, so until next time, Everyone at least for now, Goodbye!