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Medium Claims First Photo of Cannock Chase Black Eyed Child

It was taken in woods of Cannock Chase where sightings have been reported recently. It was taken by a medium who claims to have made contact with other spirits. So, is this the first ever photograph of a Black Eyed Child in Cannock Chase?

The medium is Christine Hamlett, a self-described “rescue clairvoyant” who says her expertise is in dealing with the spirits of persons who have died in childhood from illness or worse. That’s what she claims the Black Eyed Child is, at least the one in Cannock Chase.

KInd of hard to look at photos like this and wonder weather or not they have been photoshopped. 

i feel like there could be so

i feel like there could be so many things that can go wrong when you take a picture using water to reflect it. don't get me wrong, i dig stories like this, i find the paranomal part of it truly interesting, but if you've ever done any sort of photography work, reflection can be very tricky, especially reflection in water. cool article though!

love, light and blessings



These pictures are definitely not evidence for anything. Just sounds like some bogus right from the beginning but we will probably never know what was seen in real life.