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The Kolbrin
I have never heard of this

I have never heard of this one and from what i gathered in a little bit of googling it appears to be quite a controversal one! :) I can't read it while I'm at work, but I look foward to diving in on my own time! :)

love, light and blessings



I've been slowly making my way through the Kolbrin, and I'm amazed if not flabbergasted it hasn't received more attention.  Anyone of intelligence and an open mind who reads it carefully will find themself several times retrieving their jaw from the floor.

I'm still reading the Egyptian segments, which range in nature from historical legend to moral instruction.  The wisdom contained is immense, and you get the sense that many of the stories were ancient even to the ancient Egyptians.  Some of the books deal with the nature of the soul and the afterlife, offered through metaphor after metaphor and story after story until both begin to edge their way into comprehension.  That the writings originate from higher minds in a higher age I have no doubt whatsoever.  (--There has been suggestion that they're a hoax, though hoaxing works of this insight would probably be more baffling than the writings themselves.)

I strongly recommend giving it a read.  You'll find some parts more comprehensible than others, but it's very rewarding nonetheless.

The Kolbrin stands as a

The Kolbrin stands as a captivating testament to ancient wisdom, offering readers a unique glimpse into the mysteries of the past. This ancient book, composed of two distinct sections – the Egyptian and Celtic Books of Wisdom – provides a fascinating journey through time, transcending geographical boundaries to weave a tapestry of ancient knowledge.

Chitra Mishra

The book you have shared is

The book you have shared is really good thanks for sharing this.