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Io - A Black Sea/Egypt Link?

Io is known from the Greek tragedy Prometheus Bound.  She is a girl who is partly a cow and she is portrayed as a total victim.   Prometheus tells her fortune which involves great wanderings from the Black Sea down to Egypt where she gives birth to a boy who will grow up to be the first king of Egypt.  I find it fascinating he’s not the first pharoah but the first king which suggests his time was before the First Kingdom.  The Greek myths hopelessly muddy the story but that seems to be the essential fact.  Then I was reading up on the founding of Byzantium (the city that became Constantinople and is now Istanbul.)  It was a Greek colony  founded around 800 BCE.  But then I read some other myths about its founding. That Io stopped there and gave birth to a daughter and then resumed her wanderings down to Egypt.  Daughter grew up withe horns of a cow so no one liked her until she met Poseidon.  Their son was Byzas who then founded the city Byzantium.  So myth is making a very clear connection between the ancient Black Sea and ancient Egypt.  This to me is very suggestive of either very ancient trade routes or a mass migration or ????

There is also the story of

There is also the story of Europa, and how Zeus turned into a white bull and swam away with her to Crete.  Was she Io’s grand daughter maybe?

I think it might all be linked to an ancient cattle cult in the region that spread out and influenced cultures and religions over a wide area.

You might be interested to read up on Proto Indo European mythology.  It is reconstructed, so nobody really knows, but it is interesting.  And the sacred cow does seem to show up everywhere, once you start looking.

Egypt is the original source

Egypt is the original source for the Atlantis story, according to Plato. Some Bulgarian scholars believe this story is based on the Varna culture that lived on the Black Sea and had complex metalworking. The Black Sea (and maybe the Caspian Sea) must have been a looming concept to the Egyptians, who had to deal with the Near East between.



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