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How to identify an item

Hi all

Thanks for the great forum. Very useful. Unfortunately i could not find an answer for my question.
My relative found three items under his house after a rocket hit it and collapsed under the war. One of the items is a form of very old piece of leather cloth with some writing and drawing on it. We asked local people about it but no one seems to know how to identify it. Can anybody please give me either a tip about what it is or a link to websites where i can identify if it is a type of ancient or magic or anything else. I do not know how to uppload a picture of this item. Can anybody plaese help me with that.
Hope to hear from you guys soon.
Best regards
M. Othman

how to identify an object

Where is your relative located?  Do you recognize any of the writing?  Do you have any idea how old it might be based on the other items?  It really is hard to say without a little more information.  



Sorry for late respons. The item was found under my relatives house in Idleb / Syria after a bomb hitted it and made it in pieces...

I am so sad to hear that.  I

I am so sad to hear that.  I wish I could be of more help, but I really have no idea.  I think the best thing to do would be to contact the Idleb Antiquities Center.  They have a facebook page.  I am sure they could at least direct you to someone who could help.  Good luck!


Best thing with any object is

Best thing with any object is to take it to a local museum. If they can’t identify it they’ll know who can. Also this way finds can be put in the record, so other people can know about them in the future.