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Greek creation myths
Is there a particular myth

Is there a particular myth you enjoy?

love, light and blessings


Not really. But if I had to

Not really. But if I had to choose it most likely be the Creation Myths of other Ancient Civilizations.

Favorite Sacred Stories

Those stories that are generally called “myths” today are actually the sacred stories of ancient cultures, and like all sacred stories they are not meant to be literally true, but they are meant to teach something that is eternally true. The very fact that we still remember these tales attests to that fact. 

My favorite sacred stories are those that involve gods enduring rites of passage: Cronus consuming his children and how they triumph, Innana’s decent into the underworld, Heracles’ Twelve Labors, the story of the Egyptian trinity of Isis, Osirus, and Horus, Odin hanging from the World Tree to obtain the wisdom and insight to be worthy to be king of gods and man, and the list goes on.



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Every culture has some sort

Every culture has some sort of mythology, and the majority of them are well-known to many of us. Each civilisation, whether it be Egyptian, Mayan, Chinese, or even Greek, has introduced its own enchantment to the world through tales of goddesses, mythical monarchs, and witches.. Visit

Did you hear some other myths

Did you hear some other myths?