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The Epiphany Window is a Map of Stonehenge

The Epiphany Window is a Map of Stonehenge
Mishkan (Ark) is below Hele Stone (double star) 

Heel Stone "Bench Mark" ("BM")
101.346m above Mean Sea Level 

1900 Helestone Bench Mark ("BM")
1907 Window is Heelstone shaped

Jacob Cove-Jones
OSBM Surveyor

1907 Epiphany Window is a Map of Stonehenge
Solomon's Treasures below Hele Stone (stars) 

1906 - First Balloon Aerial Photo of Stonehenge 

a) 1900 Helestone 'Bench Mark'
b) 1906 Balloon Aerial Photo
c) 1907 Epiphany Window

Heel Stone, Heelstone
Ark of the Covenant

Jacob Cove-Jones
OSBM Surveyor

Every Day is Sun Day

Every Day is Sun Day

1st auger core drilled in 1656 sampled brass, wood, & concrete.
John Washington said, "Fck off G-D, your Mishkan is ours".
2nd auger core drilled in 1974 sampled brass, wood, & concrete.
The Royal Society said, "Fck off YHWH, your Mishkan is ours".
3rd auger core drilled in 1984 sampled brass, wood, & concrete.
English Heritage said, "Fck off ALLAH, your Mishkan is ours".
4th auger core drilled in 2004 sampled brass, wood, & concrete.
Elizabeth George said, "Fck off G-D, your Mishkan is ours".

Every Body is Wally

1st Core below Hele Stone flying eagle.
2nd Core below Helestone face as a man.
3rd Core below Heel Stone calf (ox).
4th Core below Heelstone lion.

YHWH Allah

Mishkan 1.2m below Heel Stone
@ Stonehenge, United Kingdom