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What did the Egyptians think of Cleopatra?

In his book “Egyptology: The Missing Millenium”, Okasha el Daly claims that hieroglyphics were decoded several 100 years before Champollion by scholars during the height of the Islamic empire.  There was a great interest in retrieving "lost knowledge” and they translated every piece of papyrus they could get their hands on.

El Daly maintains that the Arabs referred to Cleopatra VII as the “Virtuous Scholar”.  I can't read Arabic, but in the French and German translations, I’ve never seen anything ressembling this term.  However, in following up his references, the Arab scholars clearly respected Cleopatra’s accomplishments as defined in the ancient records they translated.  There’s a couple of references to Cleopatra the scholar, and a few more as Cleopatra the builder.

I've collected what translations I have on this webpage,  Plutarch names her a polyglot, Al Mas’udi a polymath.  There are some historic mistakes about canals and the Pharos, but the impression is clear.

Some people make a big deal out of Cleopatra speaking multiple languages (Plutarch lists 8, omits Greek which she’d learned in her crib, and she’d be a fool if she didn’t speak the language of the superpower .. Latin, but Plutarch finished with “many more”).  Mithridates of Pergamon was said to have spoken 20:  he *HAD* to … he ruled over 20 distinct territories.  Perhaps in an era with many small kingdoms the size of Luxembourg, a responsible leader was expected to be a multi-lingual.  Yeah, the later PTOLEMIES weren’t like that … I did say “responsible”.