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Did Deforestation Pave the Way for Ebola Outbreak?

Deforestation is a huge global problem, because it destroys animal habitats, deprives indigenous peoples of their traditional livelihoods and contributes to climate change. But if that doesn’t tip the scale for you, here’s yet another downside to be concerned about. Deforestation might have a role in this year’s outbreak of Ebola in West Africa, which already has killed 4,500 people there. The often-fatal disease now is raising anxiety in the United States, after two Dallas nurses caught Ebola while treating a Liberian refugee who eventually died.

Well we all know by now that this is becoming a world wide issue. US President Barack Obama said on Saturday that Americans cannot give in to hysteria. Well Mr President thats all well and good but something troubles me about that. You appoint an "attorney" as czar of the Ebola issue! What is an attorney going to do? Write a 50 page brief? I think that appointing some one with no medical background at all is a terrible idea!


I agree that deforestation

I agree that deforestation has played a big part of the Ebola crisis in Africa . The more forest that is destroyed is giving people access to parts of the bush we have never been before , Ebola is only recently discovered who knows what other horror viruses are kept in check by nature but set  free by human ignorance and greed.

Well, it is necessary to cure

Well, it is necessary to cure people from deadly diseases as it is the responsibility of a doctor and nurse. But to provide a safeguard layer to the doctors, nurses and medical personnel its very essential for them to wear safety scrubs like and protective gears. Nowadays its a trend as well to wear a scrub and as they protect our community many useful sources for scrubs are available.

I believe deforestation of

I believe deforestation of the Amazon released Ebola and as the destruction continues unabated likely more unheard of viruses will also be released.  The destruction of the rainforest is beyond an abomination!  Instead of destroying nature we need to learn to live alongside it.  Climate change is a fact and there is a tipping point from which there will be no return.  Do we really wish to reach that tipping point?  I for one do not!