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Devil/Halloween Question

Okay, I am not trying to start any sort of fight but I have a question due to the amazing amount of people I'm friends with on Facebook that refer to Halloween as "The Devil's Birthday"'s kinda a multi-part question so bear with me, here goes....Are angels created or do they just exist? Like would an Angel have any sort of specific birthdate? If they have a specific birthdate, who is tracking this? Would the "Devils Birthday" be the day he was born/created or when he fell from grace? I know this is a little trivial...but it just got me thinking. I do not believe it's the devil's birthday....I also don't understand why people would even want to give him a day...seems like you're giving him power if you dedicate a day to him. I'm just trying to understand where these 'friends' are coming from when they say stuff like this. Please don't yell answers at me. I'm fragile. LOL.

Lucifer: The Morning Star

I'm surprised you haven't received any responses to this Angie! Very interesting questions but I also doubt it is the birthday of the Devil. Feeding into the Devil and his lies are common in todays times as much as people want to think they are ignorand. Every evil thought or action you can bet the Devil has a hand in it somehow. As subtle as his effect is, the outcome is devistating in Gods eyes. Halloween is nothing more than Pagan.

In terms of Angels, I don't believe they were born at any time. They are outside of Time and Space and you can never have a set date for their creation because they just are and will be. The angels were used as messages and spiritual warriors and are still fighting today.

When Lucifer fell from the heavens and brought 1/3 of the Angels with him was the turning point of humanity and spiritual warfare on the Earth. I don't know much on the topic but I am convinced they participated in beastiality and genetic modification producing Nephilim with the children of men. They also brought us knowledge on medicinal plants and smelting metals and jewelry, all material things.

Certainly the Devil gains power from such claims.

I would say you should do

I would say you should do some research there friend:

There is no proof a devil even exist........its a personification of evil created to scare people into the faith or whatever they believed.


I agree there is no proof of the devil. People made up the Devil in orde to blame there bad behaviors on someone or something else other than themselves... 

for all Hallows Eve or as the commercial part of the world says current society for most is just an event to hand out candy and buy costumes....the holiday as in olden days was to Honor youre dead .....our ancestors,past friends and family members...while warding off any unfriendly spirits

                              Blessed Be


I guess I've also been trying

I guess I've also been trying to figure out what I want to teach my daughter. She's still too little to understand anything...and I know we'll go through the candy and costumes in the next few years, but I agree it's about honoring the dead and not about the devil...I guess I need to clean up my fb friends but y'know sometimes it's family and it's hard when you're beliefs and ideas differ, so you kinda put up with it because it's your Aunt or cousin and trying to even have any sort of talk or explanation with only end poorly. LOL. So, yes we dressed the little one up (she was Dorothy) and went to a little trick-or-treat event and hung with a friend for Halloween, but at home I lit a few candles and did my own thing. :)

love, light and blessings


It can be hard when your

It can be hard when your friends and/or family have obviously different views or beliefs from yourself. Some people believe in a devil, some believe in The Devil, some don't believe in anything like that at all. You have to make up your own mind, I think. 

As a Pagan, however, I would ask you to please tread carefully with your daughter when it comes to the devil. She'll hear all sorts of things as she grows up, from friends and from seeing things online. I think it's important for us adults to teach children that not everybody believes the same things. I would like to see more children grow up to become adults who respect the choices other people make, instead of belittling them or worse, physically attacking them. 

I admire you. I'm glad I don't have young kids here in 2015. It's a scary, confusing world in a lot of ways. 

Blessed Be. 

Thank you for the kind words

Thank you for the kind words and encouragement! It's an adventurous path!

love, light and blessings



Angie, i was bred,born, and raised catholic. first i don't feel you spend to much time here at this site. it has been far more educational than all of the catholic bull pucky i was ever taught. i went to catholic school in the early 1960's, when nuns wore habits that looked like bourkas today in islamist cultures. i have since shedded all that dogma. good and evil are real, maybe parallel dimensions too. so that said since malevolence is here it can be there too. halloween , to me is nothing more than people paying homege to dead relatives and friends. it is modern religion than has attached any evil dogma to that. it is modern religion, both christianist and islamist regimes have also played a part in the degradation and 2nd class citizenship of women. especially in the last 2,000 years or so. the fall of Godesses in deity represent this as well. also christian have also seen fit to make the female breast indecent, obcene, and illegal to look at especially if you are under 18. why? why is it OK for an obese man to walk around with no shirt on, his man- boobs bouncing on his gut legal? why is the female breast blurred out in a documentary about breast cancer, and in a news blip about e-coli break out in a milk factory the milk swollen udder with steaming, fresh cow-pie smeared on it is socially acceptable to look at during dinner? i'm not saying women should walk around naked or anything. i am saying there is nothing wrong with the female body. it doesn't make any sense at all. it is the very first place we all are supposed to take our first drink. we instinctively seek our first nourishment. not me i was catholic, it is dirty icky and maybe even a fucking sin. not just nourishment but a bond. the mother is already a bit "high" on all of the natural endorphins and enkaphalins in her system, from giving birth. then she gets a rush of more peptides and hormones, oxytocin and dopamine...the mother's entire limbic system is in over-drive, especially if the child was born out of love and desire. the limbic system not only involve the limbic region of the brain and hypothalmus gland but there are the same peptide producing neurons lining the entire digestive track that are in the limbic area of the brain, thus giving us that warm and fuzzy in the pit of our gut. maybe even a full body rush. a natural high. not just the mother either but child as well. this creates a bond that lasts a lifetime, like some unseen living tissue. considering malevolence seems to be every where, but then there is benevolence every where too, one is destructive, the other is constructive. when it comes to your kid, always, always go with your gut. that's all i have to offer.