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Awesome books

Hey, friends!

I just wanted to take the time to suggest the book Sacred Science of Ancient Japan: Lost Chronicles of the Gods by Avery Marrow. It is a very intrigueing look into Japanese parahistory and the mysterious tales of how some of this knowledge was brought to light. Avery Marrow does a good job of not shoving facts and beliefs down your throat. Instead, he shows you the information and lets you draw your own opinion from it. Its an excellent read for anyone into history's mysteries and/or Japanese culture.

I would also like to see what books any of y'all might want to suggest. I'm always searching for more books.

This is a great idea! Thanks

This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!!

love, light and blessings



Yes, You are right. This is really great idea. I wanna buy the book..

I’m always curious about history topics. It’s catches my attention


Regards, Tim | Team Lead at

If you have not read 'A Short

If you have not read 'A Short History of Nearly Everything' by Bill Bryson, don't....get the audio version and drive. You won't want the trip to be over....Same thing for his more recent 'History of our Private Lives'   





Wishing I knew a little more....

That sounds awesome. I love a

That sounds awesome. I love a good audio book and a nice long car ride!!

love, light and blessings


Have you read this book? I

I wanna buy

Well, I am new here and I

Well, I am new here and I also like to have the similar kinds of book. Apart from this I like to play a game.

What about you guys?

Joann M Young

awesome books

I will take note of your recommendations. I love reading and try to constantly expand my library. But to be honest, I reread some historical books a second time because I could not understand well the course of historical events. I love history and want to understand all the turning points in historical moments, I am especially interested in the formation of our government. I studied this topic very well and even in college when all the students wrote an essay based on an example from the site I wrote my essay myself. The teachers marked me with a high score and were very surprised that the girl loved history so much.