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Australian Mythology

Australia, a vast land dominated by desert and semidesert landscapes, was first inhabited by the Aborigines. The mythology of Australia comes from these people and has been influenced by their very close relationship with the natural environment. Most of the myths deal with the features of the landscape, how they were created, and their importance to the Aborigines.

In Australian mythology, there are no standard versions of individual myths. Instead, a tale about a particular character varies from region to region. The reason for these variations in the mythology lies in the lifestyle of the Aborigines.

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Mind Blown

500 Songs to recreate the Journey of how the land formed. These songs hold much more meaning and ancient spiritual power than songs repeated on the radio in the present. I wish could do more than imagine a life growing up seminomadic and all the mysteries of the world around you were sang into understanding. Everything you knew was because of a story from your Father or Mother from their Father or Mother and so on like the telephone game we all played as kids except the tales were so sacred it would kill you to miss or mistell something.

I would, 100%, go back in time to be seminomadic or nomadic.

Ahhhgg, just imagine how close these people were.. travelling around with eachother forever chasing their food.