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What was and what is currently the best method to preserve Historic facts from being erased, edited and preserved?

From what I am aware in the past the best way to preserve Historic events and facts would have been most probably information carved into stone, monuments and if lucky word of mouth. Followed by the written word.  Were there any other ways to preserve historic fact and ensure authenticity and protection from alteration from third parties?

While in the current day and age I would say the new ways to preserve current facts should be included internet repositories (online and offline), hard drives and probably blockchain project such as and 

Question is have I forgot any methodology for recording facts and which in your opinion could stand the test of time the best? 

Recent developments

During the late-eighteenth and early-twentieth centuries, history took a turn for the worse. Inspired by the success of the sciences, scholars argued that history ought to be produced using only the scientific method. Written accordingly, history was recorded by the privileged, and it excluded anything beyond chronological accounts. At the same time, it deligitimized different modes of history (literature, oral historiography, accounts authored by colonials). Then came Marxist historiography, which rearranged historical focus, emphasizing accounts disseminated by the oppressed and the general populace. Now we have feminist historiography, which aims to dispel the notion of complete objectivity in favor of holisitc and more just historical narratives. Of late, conscientious historians have adopted insights and principles from the disciplinary perspective of Anthropology, too. (Please see: