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Ancient Mystery Solved?

I was researching my genealogy when I came across the article at the link below. It's about how Mathew Fontaine Maury stole credit for discovering what came to be known as the Telegraph Plateau, an smooth top underwater mountain range crossing the Atlantic Ocean connecting Newfoundland with Ireland. This was significant because it could be used to string the first intercontinental telegraph line. 

The story alleges, which is backed up by impeccably credible sources, that Horatio Hubble first discovered the plateau by seeing changes in colors of ocean waters, light green over the plateau with the north and south sides being deeper darker green. He took string depth measurements to verify there was indeed a plateau there, also finding different plant and animal life in the deeper waters than the more shallow waters where the ridge is. When he sent a letter to congress notifying them of his discovery, it was forwarded to their Superintendent of the Naval Observatory, Mathew Fontaine Maury. Maury then sent sonar ships to the region to verify the discovery. 

After gathering the evidence and compiling a report for congress, Maury took sole credit for the discovery as if Hubble had nothing to do with it. The article is about a scandalous theft of intellectual property rights, which I believe masks something more significant, the fact that the plateau could be followed from Europe to the Americas by eyesight. And I have evidence that Mathew Fontaine Maury was well aware of this fact before Hubble contacted congress, an ancient secret handed down to him through his ancestors, his appointment as Superintendent of the Naval Observatory being covertly orchestrated so he could protect that secret.