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Ancient Egyptian scripts
30-year cycles in Egyptian texts

Egyptians celebrated 30-year astronomical cycles in Sed Festivals. Each cycle comprised two periods Tekhi-Horus and Teht-Hathor of approximately 15 years named for the gods (astronmical bodies) that appeared at the beginning of each period. The “Horus inundation” was not the yearly one, it lasted for 15 years. The tidal attraction of Horus, geostationary above Mt. Kailas for this period, drew the Nile waters across eastern Egypt for the whole 15 years, allowing crops to be planted there, for example in Amarna. The appearance of Hathor, the solid core of Horus was the means by which Horus was released from this orbit. It took place on the vernal equinox. Hathor zoomed to the East low around the Earth and caught up to Horus in eight days. The Egyptian name for the Sphinx, “Horus on the horizon” was because it was staring at Horus in a geostationary orbit above Mt. Kailas. This 30-year cycle repeated 99 or 100 times. This is not just a story, it explains how soil, water, atmosphere and vegetation we now enjoy was blasted from Horus and covered the  entire Earth with a new crust and the vegetation we have today. See