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African Albinos (when did they come into existence?)


I have never read a single posting or article about this. And I searched the entire internet too.

Is there any genetic evidence, when the disease of albinism first occured in modern humans?

Because it seems strange that science is saying light skin is only 6000-10000 years old but that would imply that albinism never existed before and spontaneously arose some few thousand years ago. That seems strange.

Any answers to my question?


re: goodman's original question about African albinos.

goodman asks, among other things, “Is there any genetic evidence, when the disease of albinism first occured in modern humans?” 

Here’s the thing. Albinism is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a disease. It is a congenital condition, and comes with a predisposition towards having specific health problems throughout life, but it is nothing more than a lack of melanin in one’s body. The only way it could be considered a disease, is to also consider it the same disease as having freckles and/or being white. White people have less melanin than brown people, while albinos have even less than that. Freckles mean one has melanin rich and poor patches. It’s doubtful that you’ll find any medical text or dicitionary listing these conditions as a disease, but one never knows.

When did this begin to happen in modern man? I have no idea. You can probably find that answer with a Google or Bing search, though  One more thing. About there being genetic evidence?  Finding testable samples that old might be a shot in the dark, and mostly blind luck.

M. M. Sands