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Marcahuasi rock formations in Peru.

Marcahuasi: Vestiges of a Forgotten Global Civilization, or Just Weird Rocks in Peru?

The world is full of difficult-to-explain wonders. In the last century, archaeologists have discovered many civilizations, such as the Hittites , which were previously not thought to exist. As a...
There were two main goals to the Tayos expedition 2019 – exploring cave entrances and discovering more about the rock formations. Source: All images are copyright Ancient Origins.

Cueva de los Tayos Expedition 2019: Finding Answers in Amazonia

The Cueva de Los Tayos Expedition 2019 was an adventure no one will forget! Our expedition had two main goals – to find more cave entrances and to solve the mystery of the rock formations we called...
Archaeologists have discovered a range of mysterious man-made stones submerged beneath the surface of Lake Constance.   Source: Thurgau Archaeology

Swiss Archaeologists Discover 5,500 Year Old Submerged Monument

Ancient stone alignments and cairns have been discovered in Switzerland’s Lake Constance and researchers say they are 5,500 years old. The unusual man-made pile of stones were discovered 15 feet (4.6...
Al Naslaa split rock.

It Looks Like a Laser Cut But What Really Split the Ancient Al Naslaa Rock?

The Tayma oasis in Saudi Arabia is famous for its rock art and its historic legacy. It was a major trade route in antiquity and was once the dwelling place of a Babylonian king, Nabonidus. It is...
A woolly mammoth meets a meteor strike

The Carolina Bays and the Destruction of North America

This is an ancient and enduring mystery from pre-historic North America, involving geology, astronomy, climatology and zoology. And unravelling this mystery will tell us a great deal about our world...