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The mummified remains of the 17th-century bishop, Peder Winstrup. A fetus was also in the bishop's coffin.

Mystery of the Fetus Found in a Bishop’s Coffin Solved!

Researchers at Lund University hospital were in for a surprise when they conducted a CT scan of a mummified Scandinavian bishop and spotted the remains of a tiny fetus tucked under the bishop’s feet...
The remains of the Egyptian woman with her unborn child

A Mother, With Her Unborn Child Inside Her Womb, Surface in Egypt After 3,500 Years

Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities have announced that archaeologists have uncovered in Aswan, Egypt, the skeletal remains of a woman who died towards the end of her pregnancy, still holding the...
issected foetal skull dating from the 1800s, originally held in the University of Cambridge Anatomy Museum.

Infant Bodies Were Prized by 19th Century Anatomists, Study Suggests

A study of the University of Cambridge anatomy collection dating from the 1700s and 1800s shows how the bodies of stillborn foetuses and babies were a “prized source of knowledge” and were dissected...
A possible example of a ‘coffin birth’.

The Bizarre Phenomenon of Coffin Births

I was reading through an article yesterday from the International Journal of Osteoarchaeology titled The Non-Adult Cohort from Le Morne Cemetery, Mauritius: A Snap Shot of Early Life and Death after...
The mummified remains of the 17th-century bishop, Peder Winstrup.

17th Century Mummified Bishop Found with Fetus in his Coffin to be Reinterred

The mummified remains of a 17 th century bishop will be laid to rest once again at Lund Cathedral, Sweden, following 15 months of scientific study on his remains. The bishop caused a stir earlier...
Infant-sized ancient Egyptian sarcophagus

Infant-sized ancient Egyptian sarcophagus found to contain mummified foetus

An infant-sized ancient Egyptian sarcophagus with an unknown history has sat on display at an Egypt centre in Wales for some time, with most believing it a forgery, due to inconclusive x-rays carried...