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Flores hobbits may have arrived on leaf baskets.  Here they interact with stegodons and Komodo dragon. Source: Peter Schouten

Flores Hobbits May Have Floated to the Island on Leaf Nests

While Frodo in Tolkien’s Middle Earth ventured very far to destroy a magic ring and Gollum was a good swimmer, real-life ‘hobbit’ ancestors may have also traversed far to get to their island! After...
Second Group of Tinier than Hobbit Hominins Found on Flores Island

Second Group of Tinier than Hobbit Hominins Found on Flores Island

Researchers announced today that in 2014 they found remains of a second group of even tinier archaic humans dating back at least 500,000 years before the “Hobbits” of Flores Island near Indonesia...
The Walanae River at Paroto, east of Talepu, where some of the tools were found. Inserts: Professor Mike Morwood in 2009 examining stone artifacts collected near Talepu and Hand stencils in the Cave of Fingers.

Sulawesi Discoveries: Earliest Human Occupation Pushed Back 60,000 Years and Some of the Oldest Cave Paintings in the World

New research on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi shows the possible presence of an archaic species of hominins there dating back more than 100,000 years—at least 60,000 years earlier than the island...
Ancient "Hobbit" Looked Like Humans

New Research Suggests Ancient "Hobbit" Looked More Like us than Apes

Recently, we reported on new research proving that the remains of the “hobbit” (technically known as Homo floresiensis) did not belong to that of a Homo sapien with pathology but to a distinct...
Homo Floresiensis - Hobbit

'Hobbits' did exist and were a separate species

I am sure many of our readers are fans of The Lord of the Rings and Tolkien, which means that you would have heard of the Hobbits, a race of dwarf humanoids playing a major role in the events of...