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A storm tide in the Netherlands caused a devastating flood in 1287. Source: Zacarias da Mata/Adobe Stock

St. Lucia's Flood: The Disaster That Changed the Shape of Europe

Water has a destructive nature that is hard to contain - calm and peaceful in one moment, it can turn violent in another. These days, however, many coastal cities and regions have effective, modern...
Yu the Great, in red, the founder of the Xia Dynasty that was an extension of the Erlitou culture, fighting the flood waters with his fellow fighters.	Source: The Chairman's Bao

Erlitou: China’s First Great City and Beginning of the Xia Dynasty?

The Erlitou culture dates to the early Bronze Age and existed in the Yellow River valley region of ancient China. The culture was named after a village site that was discovered in the central Chinese...
Indus Valley

Did Climate Change Cause the Demise of the Ancient Indus Valley Civilization?

The Indus civilization was the largest—but least known—of the first great urban cultures that also included Egypt and Mesopotamia. Named for one of their largest cities, the Harappans relied on river...
The six pyramids at Giza, with Menkaure’s the first of the big three.

Plagued by Floods Yet the Giza Pyramid Builders Refused to be Relocated

The building of the pyramids at Giza was a huge project and it is not surprising to learn that a substantial administrative and accommodation center grew up close to the construction area. This town...
600-Year-Old Forbidden City Untouched in Flooded Beijing

600-Year-Old Forbidden City Untouched in Flooded Beijing

By Eva Fu , Epoch Times A 55-hour-long rainstorm pelted Beijing over July 19 and 20—a continuation of floods that have claimed nearly 600 lives and displaced tens of thousands since heavy rains swept...