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Spiked versions of long-handled peasant flails. From Paulus Hector Mair's combat manual ‘Arte De Athletica’. Public Domain

Deadly Medieval Weapons: The Spiked Flail (Video)

The spiked flail, one of the more unconventional medieval weapons , boasts a unique design with a swinging head attached to a handle. Historical accounts place its use primarily between the 14th and...
Fantasy weapon set. Source: Zaleman / Adobe Stock

18 Terrifying and Impressive Historic Weapons

There is no end to the multitude of close combat weapons , from swords to spears, scythes, pikes, maces, glaives, flails, partisans, and hundreds more. Often designed to inflict the greatest damage...
 Illustration of missing aspects of Egyptian talatat, design by Anand Balaji.

Objects of Wonder: The Symbolism and Suspense behind Ancient Egyptian artifacts

Ancient Egypt was a land of great mystery and intrigue. Her secrets were not easy to comprehend, even if they were hidden in plain sight. It still takes a keen eye to understand the deep philosophy...