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Native American hunter. Credit: Daniel / Adobe Stock

Stash of Paleoindian Artifacts Found at 12,000-Year-Old Connecticut Site

A site uncovered in the American state of Connecticut soon began revealing evidence about its earliest inhabitants . Some 15,000 artifacts related to a Paleoindian community were uncovered and they...
The Cooper’s Ferry site, Idaho is the oldest example of human habitation in North America, influencing theories of the first Americans..

First Americans Arrived by Sea Over 15,000 Years Ago, Surprise Finding Suggests

Archaeologists have made what could be a pivotal discovery in the populating of the Americas , challenging previous dominant theories of how the first people arrived. They have unearthed a series of...
Stone tool unearthed in Oregon

Stone tool unearthed in Oregon may date back 15,800 years or more

A stone tool believed to be 15,800 years old or older and with bison blood on it, has been excavated from deep under the earth’s surface in Oregon, archaeologists announced. If the scraper, made from...
Researchers probe the ocean floor in Juan Perez Sound with University of Victoria’s AUV

13,800-year-old Haida site found underwater in Canada

Estimates of people’s presence in the Americas have ranged from about 12,000 to 50,000 years. A new study by a team of archaeologists that has been researching the subject, has found a site dating...
Early inhabitants of America - Idaho

Archaeologists uncover 13,500-Year-Old Tool-Making Site in Idaho

Archaeologists have found numerous artifacts on a remote forest riverbank in northern Idaho dating back around 13,500 years, adding to the evidence for an ancient human presence in the Northwest,...
Ancient Stone Tools in Brail - Humans arrival

Discovery of ancient stone tools in Brazil challenges belief about human arrival in the Americas

Archaeologists have announced the discovery of stone tools in Brazil which they say prove that ancient humans arrived in the Americas long before the Clovis people, upending the predominant theory of...