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Main: Amazon jungle in Peru. Source: Christian / Adobe Stock. Inset: A close-up of one of the engravings on the Peruvian monolith. Source: Daniel Fernandez-Davila / Exact Metrology.

2000-Year-Old Monolith Reveals Hidden Symbols in Amazon

A 2000-year-old jungle monolith decorated with circles, spirals and feline fangs has been 3D scanned in its remote Peruvian location. Situated in a remote jungle valley in northern Peru, the carved...
Manananggal, mythical creature of the Philippines

The Shocking Demon that Brings Plague and Devours Babies: Ancient Goddess & Evil Widow Rangda in Balinese Mythology

All eyes focused on the figure of Rangda as she emerged from the inner part of the temple, about a third of the way through the Barong dance (an ancient dance which predates even the Hindu influences...