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This is an image of the mass grave found beneath an Irish pub in Cork, Ireland, which a noted bone expert concluded was an extremely violent mass death! Source: © John Cronin & Associates

‘Bone Collector’ Sleuth Says Violent Deaths Evident in Mass Grave Under Irish Bar!

A bone expert investigating a mass grave in Ireland has found clear evidence of hyper-violence, including smashed bones and bound limbs. Last year, beneath Nancy Spain’s Public House, Barrack Street...
Henry VIII shares a drink with Anne Boleyn, after Daniel Maclise, but she was soon to lose her head as Henry revolted against Catholic divorce laws. (Mike Licht / CC BY 2.0)

Why is Henry VIII’s Tomb So Small When His Life Was So Very Opulent?

Hidden under the floor in St George’s Chapel in Windsor, England where thousands of people walk every day, a forgotten tomb lies. Its inhabitant was once one of England’s most exuberant kings, yet...
Earl of Derwentwater's bedsheet from the Tower of London, embroidered with a message made of human hair from Anna Maria Radcliffe in tribute to her executed husband will be part of the Dockland executions in London exhibition.           				      Source: Museum of London Docklands

Bedsheet Lovingly Embroidered With Hair Likely From A Severed Head

The Museum of London Docklands is preparing for a somewhat macabre exhibition entitled Executions [in London]. Slated to begin in autumn, the executions in London exhibits will feature some of the...
Artifact Reveals People Were Fed To Lions In Roman Britain

Artifact Reveals People Were Fed To Lions In Roman Britain

Archaeologists have presented gory visual evidence that problematic people were fed to lions in Roman Britain. Excavations at a Roman house in Leicester, England in 2017 unearthed a dirt-caked bronze...
Lady Jane Grey, the Nine Days Queen of England’s Religious War Period

Lady Jane Grey, the Nine Days Queen of England’s Religious War Period

Lady Jane Grey was an English queen who lived during the 16th century. More appropriately, she was a claimant to the English throne, but only managed to hold on to it for nine days, hence her...
This photo shows one particular body where the head has been lopped off and placed at the feet of the victim found at the Roman burial site, Somersham, UK.

Extraordinarily High Number of Roman Decapitations at UK Burial Site

It wouldn’t be unfair to say that the Roman Empire was a vast intercontinental territory. By 117 AD, it included all of Italy, the entire Mediterranean, and much of Europe, including England, Wales...
Author Details Institutionalized Murder and Violence in Ancient Rome

Author Details Institutionalized Murder and Violence in Ancient Rome

Shocking, disturbing and wholly ungodly methods of murder in ancient Rome have been brought together in a brutally graphic new book. Dr. Emma Southon is a historian at the University of Birmingham in...
A witch or a woman in a dark forest? Witch pricking was used for centuries to falsely prove a woman (or a man) was a witch!

Witch Pricking And The Devil’s Mark

A witch or not? Guilty or innocent? Witch hunting was all the craze in the late medieval period and onwards in Europe and involved some rather peculiar practices. Witch hunters of all kinds emerged...
There was a ‘mini landslide’ at the Tarpeian Rock last year.    Source: CC BY-SA 4.0

Gucci to Fund Project to Save Rome’s Historic Rock of Execution

Gucci is one of the most famous fashion brands in the world. The Italian company has announced that they are funding a restoration project in the heart of Rome. They are paying for work that will...
Tower of London as viewed from across the River Thames.

Tower of London: A Palace, a Prison and a Place of Execution

The White Tower, most commonly known as the Tower of London, is situated on the north bank of the river Thames in central London and is one of the oldest, long-standing edifices in England. It is...