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AI Panoramic view of the castle during the Dark Ages. Source: DIGITALSHAPE/Adobe Stock

Why the Dark Ages Weren't Really All That Dark

For hundreds of years, a period often referred to as ‘the Dark Ages’, covering the 5th to the 10th centuries, was looked down upon by historians, especially during the Renaissance and Enlightenment...
Lisbon Marquis of Pombal. Source: Downunderphoto / Adobe Stock.

Lisbon's Cataclysm: The Earthquake that Shook History (Video)

In the year 1755, the vibrant city of Lisbon awakened to a day like any other. Little did its inhabitants know that this would be a fateful All Saints' Day that would reshape history. As the sun rose...
Postage stamp depicting the Great Peace of Montreal. Source: konstantant / Adobe Stock

How Native American Chief Kondiaronk Shaped More Than North America

Kondiaronk was a legendary Native American Chief of the Wendat people in New France who faced the challenge of leading his people in the face of war and destruction. Through his leadership and...
Two images of Aghori.

The Aghori and Their Unorthodox Path to Enlightenment

The Aghori are followers of a Hindu sect believed to be 1000 years old. These ascetics are often regarded as sadhus (Sanskrit for ‘good/holy man’), and have devoted their entire lives to the...
Rivodutri’s Alchemical Door To Enlightenment In 17th Century AD Italy

Rivodutri’s Alchemical Door To Enlightenment In 17th Century Italy

Add magic to natural philosophy and early chemistry knowledge and you have the ancient art of alchemy . Alchemists tried to change various substances into gold and looked hard for the elixir of...
Mahabodhi Temple, Bodh Gaya, India. The site where Buddha attained enlightenment.  Source: tinnaporn / Adobe Stock

Why Bodh Gaya is Considered the Navel of the Earth

India is the birthplace of Buddhism and as one of the oldest faiths followed, there are many wonderous Buddhist sites. There is also a growing recognition of the country’s Buddhist heritage. One of...
Bodhisattvas of Mahayana Buddhism. Source: yuliana_s / Adobe Stock.

Bodhisattvas – Selfless Saviors of Mahayana Buddhism

In Buddhism, a bodhisattva, in its most general sense, refers to a person who is on his/her way to becoming a buddha. More specifically, bodhisattvas are savior-like beings who forsake their own...
Study of 110 Bamburgh skeletons indicates Anglo-Saxon enlightenment. Source: Bamburgh Bones

1,400-Year-Old Skeletons Reveal Location of Anglo-Saxon Enlightenment

110 Anglo-Saxon skeletons dating to 1,400 years ago have been found under dunes in Bamburgh , England. Dating to about the 7th-century or Early Middle Ages, the team of researchers say the skeletons...
The ruins of Jesús de Tavarangue                              Source: Kylie / Adobe Stock

Jesuit Missions of Paraguay Abandoned Due to ‘The Enlightenment’

The Jesuit missions in Paraguay were a remarkable historical social experiment and have been the subject of many books, articles, and even a movie, The Mission . Two of the most famous of these are...
Illuminati Triangle and All Seeing Eye on an ancient temple.

The Man Who Started The Illuminati and His Thwarted Promotion of The Enlightenment

The Illuminati was a secret society that was established in Germany during the 18 th century. The Illuminati has a notorious reputation in popular culture, being associated with numerous conspiracy...