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Crocodile eyes. Source: Георгий Лыкин / Adobe Stock.

The Expression ‘To Shed Crocodile Tears’ Has Bizarre Medieval Origins

Today, when someone accuses another of shedding " crocodile tears ," they are suggesting that the person is displaying fake or insincere sorrow. But how did this phrase come into being? The answer...
Reconstruction of Stone Age woman discovered in Sweden. Source: Oscar Nilsson

Recreating the Face of a 4,000-Year-Old Stone Age Woman

A highly-skilled 3D artist has brought back to life a 4,000-year-old Stone Age woman’s skull. This story can only be written after 300 grueling hours of work by archaeologist and artist Oscar Nilsson...
Historic Figures Brought to Life with Movement and Emotion!

Historic Figures Brought to Life with Movement and Emotion!

A graphic artist in Ireland has utilized advanced motional tracking technology to create highly realistic video footage of famous historic figures, showing what they would have looked like in real...
Ancient Maya sculptures with discernible faces and contexts from different archaeological sites. Source: Science Advances

Study of Maya Statues Shows That Facial Expressions Are Universal

Researchers have developed a unique experiment to determine the universality of certain emotional expression in the human face. It has long been debated by experts whether emotional expressions can...
Dramatic mask with tusks and feathers, Ninghai, Zhejiang, China

Ferocious Beast-Head Masks, Heavy Robes & Swirling Colors: What are the Unspoken Messages in Ancient Chinese Opera?

In “Civilization of China” (1911), Herbert Giles wrote that “for pleasure pure and simple, independent of gains and losses, the theater occupies the warmest place in every Chinaman's heart”. The fact...
A mummy unearthed in the Atacama Desert.

Mummies Found in Chile Did Not Let Harsh Life Conditions Get Them Down

Despite apparent episodes of food shortage, disease, violence, and severe weather conditions, it seems that, at least for some people, life in Chile between 500-1500 years ago was not that stressful...
A Mother’s Love Never Dies: 4,800-Year-Old Remains of a Mother Cradling Her Baby Found in Taiwan

The Love of a Mother Never Dies: 4,800-Year-Old Remains of a Mother Cradling Her Baby

The 4,800-year-old skeleton of a woman holding a baby was found in Taiwan. The find was one of 48 sets of remains discovered in the Taichung area of central Taiwan. Altogether these individuals...