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Sumerian Cylinder Seal of King Ur-Nammu, about 2100 BC. Source: Steve Harris/CC BY-SA 2.0

Ascension to the Heavens in Ancient Mythology

The ascension of humans or beings into the heavens is a common theme among many mythologies and religions all over the world. Even though most people recognize the well-known ascension of Jesus, and...

Jezebel: Slander of The Queen of Israel, Virgin of Baal, Princess of Tyre

Jezebel - even to this day, the name of the wife of King Ahab is synonymous with wickedness and promiscuity. She was the most depraved of women, a murderess, an adulteress and worst of all an...
Mosaic of the baptism of Jesus Christ by Saint John the Baptist in Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2016. Source: Adam Ján Figeľ / Adobe stock

Jewish Prophet and Christian Saint – Who Was John the Baptist?

John the Baptist was a Jewish preacher and prophet who is believed to have been a forerunner to Jesus Christ . In the Book of Matthew in the Greek New Testament, John is depicted as another Elijah...
Depiction of the Captivity of Judah.   Source: The Providence Lithograph Company / Public domain

The End of Ancient Judaism: The Captivity

The twelve tribes of ancient Judaism were united into a single kingdom under the reigns of Saul, David, and Solomon. The destruction of this kingdom and the forced exile of its population is known as...
Prophet Elisha

Archaeologists may have found home of Bible Prophet Elisha

Archaeologists in Israel have found a shard of pottery with the name of the Old Testament prophet Elisha on it, leading them to believe they have discovered his home. The pottery shard has been dated...