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El Sidrón

Ancient And Modern Cannibalism: A Question Of Taste

Ancient And Modern Cannibalism: A Question Of Taste

Of all the horrible and shocking things that human beings can do to one another, nothing alarms, disgusts, terrifies – or fascinates – more than cannibalism. The subject is intriguing, in part,...
Sidron Cave

Grisly discovery in Spain reveals Neanderthal family was butchered and eaten

Nearly a decade ago, a group of cave explorers stumbled upon a large collection of Neanderthal remains in the El Sidrón cave system in north western Spain. In new research presented to the Royal...
Neanderthal Teeth

Did Neanderthals have Refined Taste or were they just ‘Brainless’ Carnivores?

When it comes to human behaviours, Neanderthals tend to get a pretty bad rap. However, a plethora of research over the last several years has been breaking down many of the myths associated with this...