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Baby eels used in Vietnamese eel soup. Source: tulpahn / Adobe Stock.

What Traditional Breakfast Is Like Around the World (Video)

The world's morning meals have evolved remarkably over time. Once forbidden in medieval Europe, breakfast has transformed into a crucial start for industrious lives. Influences like coffee and tea...
Eel depicted in a medieval manuscript. Source: Public domain

Eels Were Used to Pay the Rent in the Middle Ages!

Before coinage became common, people in medieval England would pay their rent using an array of everyday items. Amongst these was the remarkably unattractive, and underappreciated, wormlike eel! Few...
“Accidental” Destruction of Aboriginal Stone Arrangement in Australia

“Accidental” Destruction of Aboriginal Stone Arrangement in Australia

A private landowner has damaged a 1,500-year-old stone eel arrangement near Lake Bolac, Australia . The Kuyang stone monument was shaped into an eel and created before the Europeans arrived in...
Fire services fought to save the Budj Bim site.

Fires Reveal More of the 6,000-Year-Old Budj Bim Site

UNESCO has given a 6,000-year-old Aboriginal cultural landscape called the Budj Bim archaeological site in Victoria, Australia the status of a World Heritage Site. They have acknowledged the national...
A giant eel. Credit: Konstantin Gerasimov / Adobe Stock

Loch Ness Monster is Most Likely a Giant Eel!

Scientists claim to have finally found a “ plausible theory ” for sightings of the Loch Ness Monster. She’s not an aquatic reptile left over from the Jurassic era or a circus elephant that got in the...
A European eel with some fish in an aquarium; most European eels grow to 23 to 31 inches (60 to 80 centimeters).

Could Nessie the Loch Ness Monster be a giant, 15-foot Eel? (Probably not)

The Loch Ness Monster is again in the news, as a Scotsman says his 2007 footage probably was not of the famed sea monster, but actually shows a 10-15 foot (3- 4.5 meter) giant eel. This too is...