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Edward III

King Henry VI of England genetically engineered Henry Tudor for the English throne. Source: KIFOR PRODUCTION / Adobe Stock

How Henry VI Genetically Engineered Henry Tudor for the Throne

The year was 1453 and Henry VI, King of England, was having what could be reasonably called an annus horribilis . His sanity was unsteady and his leadership and decision-making capabilities were even...
Metal detectorists have unearthed a hoard of medieval coins, like this Edward I penny. Source: Public domain

Scottish Detectorists Swoop Over 8,000 Medieval Coins

Metal detectorists in Scotland have unearthed thousands of 13th and 14th century coins. Dubbed the Dunscore hoard, this amazing find is the largest hoard of medieval coins to have been discovered in...
Modern day uprising. Credit: Ciudalia / Adobe Stock

Uprisings After Pandemics: It Happened Before and May Happen Again

As a professor of medieval Europe, I’ve taught the bubonic plague, and how it contributed to the English Peasant Revolt of 1381. Now that America is experiencing widespread unrest in the midst of its...
St George’s Chapel. Credit: Andrew Abbott / Creative Commons

St George’s Chapel: A Right British Royal Peculiar

St George’s Chapel is part of Windsor Castle, a royal residence of the British monarchy situated in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, Berkshire, England. The chapel attained its present...
On Left – Portrait of Edward III of England. On Right – Edward III of England proudly receives his son, Edward the Black Prince, for the successful conduct of the Battle of Crécy.

King Edward III Had Eyes on the French Kingship and it Led to the Hundred Years War

King Edward III of England had his eyes set on the French throne in the 14 th century AD. He was a descendant of French kings on his mother’s side and apparently was not satisfied with just being the...
On Left - Isabella directing the Siege of Bristol. On Right - Isabella of France is welcomed to Paris when she returned from England to pay homage to her brother, King Charles IV of France.

The Wild Life of English Queen Isabella, She-Wolf of France aka the Rebel Queen Who Killed the King of England

Fourteenth century English Queen Isabella, the She-Wolf of France aka the Rebel Queen, was a complex, violent person who drank heavily but who was charitable to the poor and well-liked by her people...
War of the Roses - the Houses of Lancaster and York (AGZYM)

The Real Life Game of Thrones Part Two: War of the Roses

During the Late Medieval Period, a series of conflicts took place in England which were more destructive than the Hundred Years War had been in the previous century. One of the bloodiest civil wars...