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William Wallace statue stands proudly. The National Wallace Monument is a tower standing on a hilltop in Stirling in Scotland. Source: Jacek/Adobe Stock

Braveheart - Great Movie But How True Was the Story? (Video)

The film "Braveheart," lauded for its cinematic achievements, takes considerable liberties with historical accuracy. Released in 1995, it garnered acclaim, earning 31 out of 61 award nominations,...
King Harold’s coronation sparked outrage. Source: Archivist / Adobe Stock.

Why King Harold's Rapid Coronation Sparked Outrage (Video)

In a remarkable turn of events on the 6th of January 1066 , England bore witness to a swift and controversial transition of power. King Harold's hasty coronation, occurring mere hours after the...
It may not seem like it today, but Harlech Castle is Wales has witnessed Welsh rebellions, the Wars of the Roses and the English Civil War. Source: Darren Tennant / Flickr

Harlech Castle: Wales’ Most Formidable Fortress

Harlech Castle is a medieval castle located in Harlech, in the Welsh county of Gwynedd. The castle was built during the 13 th century by the English king, Edward I, as part of an ‘iron ring’ of...
The Strange Story of the Black Prince of Canterbury

The Strange Story of the Black Prince of Canterbury

Visitors can find the tomb of Edward of Woodstock, also known as the Black Prince, in the famous Canterbury cathedral. The 14th Century prince was the eldest son of King Edward III and Philippa of...
Aerial view of Caerphilly Castle

Caerphilly Castle, Wales - Strategically Brilliant for Its Time and Haunted in Ours

Caerphilly Castle in south Wales stands proud amongst the medieval fortifications and strongholds in the United Kingdom and is classed among the finest in Europe. It is also one of the largest in...
Some Saxon Queens had killer reputations. (Public Domain);Deriv.

Killer Queen: Meet Queen Elfrida – The Original Wicked Stepmother

History has seen some incredible, cut-throat politics and lurid scandals, including the reign of Queen Elgiva: a teenage Saxon princess who was caught enjoying a threesome (along with her mother!),...
King Edward III implores the forgiveness of God while facing the storm of 1360 with his army in the fields of Sours

Black Monday: The Deadly 14th Century Hailstorm That Killed Over 1000 Soldiers and 6000 Horses

On Easter Monday, 13 th April 1360, a freak hail storm broke over English troops as they were preparing for battle with the French during the Hundred Years’ War. So brutal was the storm that over 1,...