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Dyatlov Pass Incident

This stone cairn and flag marker sits on the very location of the Dyatlov Pass incident tent spot where in 1959 nine experienced hikers died under mysterious circumstances.         Source: irinabal18 / Adobe Stock

The Dyatlov Pass Incident: A Tragic Mystery With Lots of Loose Ends

The Dyatlov Pass incident is one of the most enduring mysteries of the twentieth century. In 1959, nine young explorers perished in Siberia’ s northern Ural Mountains. Ink has been spilt, books...
Was Bigfoot hiding in the woods of the Mammoth Cave National Park? Source: lubomira08 / Adobe Stock.

Bizarre Bigfoot Incident Leads To Gunshots In America’s Mammoth Cave National Park

A camping trip in the back country of Mammoth Cave National Park played out like a horror movie for a terrified couple. Two years ago I spent a weekend camping in the remote north Highlands of...