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Inveraray Castle’s State Dining Room (Ian Dick / Flickr)

The Stunning Interior of Inveraray Castle’s State Dining Room (Video)

Inveraray Castle's State Dining Room is a masterpiece of late 18th-century art and design. The 5th Duke of Argyle, aiming to impress his guests with the latest Georgian fashions, oversaw a remarkable...
‘Doge Pietro Loredan Beseeching the Virgin’ (detail). Source: Public Domain

The Doges of Venice: Venetian Rulers for More than a Millennium

The Doge of Venice was the highest office in the Republic of Venice. This office existed for about a millennium, from the 8th century AD till the 18th century. The title of this office traces its...
Medieval knights battle. Credit: Nejron Photo / Adobe Stock

A Red Dawn Rises - The Battle of Hastings, 1066

As the early morning sun dawned on October 14th, 1066 AD, casting its light on the clustered, eager soldiers, it would herald a new bloody, revolutionary epoch in the history of England. For on this...
Medieval knight riding into battle. Credit: rudall30 / Adobe Stock

The Dramatic History of the Normans: A Tale of Medieval Conquest

History is full of stories that will grip you like a modern page-turner novel, but only a few can do it as easily as the tale of the Normans. Proud and fearsome, these Viking descendants were key...
The Tomb of Duke Jing of Qi and his 600 Horses

Excavations Launched at the Tomb of Duke Jing of Qi and his 600 Sacrificial Horses

In 1964, a surprising discovery was made in China – a tomb containing the remains of hundreds of horses, arranged neatly in rows. Such a complex burial and large sacrifice clearly indicated that the...
Statue of Rollo, Duke of Normandy in Ålesund, Norway. The Clameur de Haro is traditionally believed to have been a plea towards this ruler.

Clameur de Haro: Feudal Law Brings Construction Project To a Standstill

Rosie Henderson, from Guernsey, activated the ancient Norman rite of Clameur de Haro in protest of “the narrowing of a road” which she claims “would endanger pedestrians and motorists,” according to...