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Mosaics uncovered in a recently discovered domus, or luxury home, near the Colosseum.        Source: Italian Ministry of Culture

Impressive Domus From the Roman Republic Uncovered Near the Colosseum

A Roman ‘domus’ with several floors, constructed in multiple phases during Rome's Republican age, has been uncovered in the vicinity of Rome's Palatine Hill and the Forum. This finely decorated Roman...
View of the courtyard of the House of Vettii, Pompeii. Source: Parco Archeologico de Pompei

Lavish Home of Two Former Slaves Opened Up to the Public in Pompeii

After 20 years of restoration, the lavish and opulent House of the Vettii has been opened up to the public, offering a glimpse into the life of ancient Pompeii’s elite. It was owned by two former...
The excavation in central Nimes where the two opulent Roman domus townhouses were recently discovered. Inset, close up of the mosaic.

Archaeologists Unearth Two Luxury Roman Townhouses In Nimes, France

Archaeologists conducting an extensive survey in the historic city of Nimes in southern France have unearthed two opulent and expansive Roman domus townhouses. These upper-class, multipurpose...
Luxurious Roman Villa On Display Under Lavish Modern Apartment Block

Luxurious Roman Villa On Display Under Lavish Modern Apartment Block

Rome is a place where many archaeological treasures and remains continue to be found. The latest discovery is a luxury villa with many remarkable artifacts and spectacular mosaics. This luxury Roman...
Underground  chamber at Nero’s Palace dubbed ‘Sphinx Room’

Enchanting Hidden 'Sphinx' Chamber Discovered At Nero’s Golden Palace

Rome continues to be a rich source of archaeological discoveries. Archaeologists have just announced the discovery of a spectacular underground chamber that was once part of the Domus Aurea palace...
Painting of Priapus found at Pompeii.

Priapus Fresco Tips the Scales in Pompeii

An archaeological dig at a prestigious residence on the slopes of Regio V, overlooking Via del Vesuvio in Pompeii , has unearthed “in elegantly decorated rooms” a fresco of Priapus, a god of Graeco-...
Excavations at the recently discovered ‘House of Jupiter’.

House of Visual Delights Discovered in Pompeii

The director of the Pompeii Archaeological Park, Massimo Osanna has announced another momentous discovery at the ruined city. Archaeologists have unearthed a house that belonged to a member of the...
The site is being carefully excavated before the mosaics are removed.

Race to Recover Elaborate Ancient Roman Mosaics Unearthed in France

A team of archaeologists has recently discovered the ruins of an opulent 5th-century Roman palace in Auch, a commune in southwestern France. The team claims to be eager to excavate the site as they...