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The fragment of the mysterious Roman dodecahedron. (Flanders Heritage Agency) Insert: Dodecahedron from the region of Stuttgart; 2nd to 3rd Century. (Anagoria/ CC BY 3.0 )

Mysterious Artifact Found in Belgium is Baffling Roman Dodecahedron Fragment

An amateur Belgian archaeologist was metal detecting in the Kortessem region when he unearthed a rare piece of a mysterious Roman geometric device known as a dodecahedron. What is a Roman...
Roman dodecahedra

The Enigma of the Roman Dodecahedra

The Roman dodecahedron is a small, hollow object made of bronze or (more rarely) stone, with a geometrical shape that has 12 flat faces. Each face is a pentagon, a five-sided shape. The Roman...
Some of the 14000 Roman and Gallic coins that were found at Patrice T’s home in Belgium that he claims he “legally” discovered in his Flanders field. Evidence clearly suggests that he stole these illegal artifacts from French soil and that’s illegal!       Source: Agentschap Onroerend Erfgoed

French Treasure Hunter Caught With 27000 Illegal Artifacts In Belgium!

A French treasure hunter identified only as “Patrice T” is accused of being among the greatest archaeological criminals in European history after being arrested with over 27,000 ancient illegal...