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Aurochs, Horses and Deer of Lascaux caves (Lascaux / CC BY-SA 3.0)

Entoptic Imagery in Prehistoric and Pre-Industrial Rock Art

Throughout the world, prehistoric and pre-industrial shamanic cultures have rendered painted imagery onto rock faces; often in deep cave systems, but also in above-ground shelters. This rock art...
Psychoactive substances used by shaman have been found in Bolivia  Source: Ammit / Adobe Stock

Paraphernalia Discovered in Bolivian Cave Shows Ancient Ayahuasca Use

In 2001, American rapper Afroman released the sensational song “Because I Got High” in which he almost “cleaned his room” but got “high” instead. Now, it would appear that ancient cultures in South...
Humanoid figures, Kimberley, Australia.

Shamanic Explorations of Supernatural Realms: Cave Art - The Earliest Folklore

“The neuropsychological and ethnographic evidence that I have adduced strongly suggests that, in these subterranean images, we have an ancient and unusually explicit expression of a complex shamanic...