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A pack of Eurasian hunting dogs, like the one discovered at Dmanisi, chasing prey, while a disabled member of the pack is running far behind; incapable of contributing to the hunt, its survival depends on the pack-mates. Source: Mauricio Antón / Nature

Earliest European Hunting Dogs Supported Their Weak

The “earliest evidence of the arrival of hunting dogs in Europe” discovered to date has been announced in a new article published in Nature . The Eurasian hunting dog remains were unearthed at the...
It Really Was a Planet of the Apes Two Million Years Ago

It Really Was a Planet of the Apes Two Million Years Ago

New genetic research shows early humans’ brains were “much more ape-like” than what is measured in modern humans. What this means is that the first waves of human ancestors to migrate out of Africa...
Gold Mining

The fight to save the ancient gold mine of Sakdrissi

In 2004, German archaeologists from Ruhr-University Bochum discovered the gold mine in Sakdrissi. Dated to the third millennium BC, it is one of the oldest known gold mines in the world and has been...
1.8-million-year-old skull - Georgia

Does this 1.8-million-year-old skull rewrite the history of mankind?

A skull found in Dmanisi , Georgia, by anthropologists from the University of Zurich, is the best-preserved fossil find yet from the early era of our genus and has the potential to rewrite...