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diving bell

Mysterious copper “cauldron” is now believed to be a 17th-century diving bell Source: Melvin Fisher Abt

Unidentified Object Off U.S. Coast: A 17th-Century Submersible?

For centuries, an unidentified disc-shaped object recovered off the Florida coast was presumed to be a 17th-century cauldron. Now, it appears that experts may have finally discovered its true nature...
An early diving bell used by 16th Century divers during salvage operations. The book this came from is a text on ship salvage and includes diving information.

Oath of Silence Protects Amazing 500-Year-Old Diving Bell Used to Visit Sunken Roman Vessels

A vow of silence has protected the mystery behind an ingenious invention for nearly 500 years. The secrets behind Guglielmo de Lorena’s amazing diving bell, a technical marvel, would have remained an...