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Dissolution of Monasteries

Fountain Abbey grounds enveloped in morning mist, from the Infirmary (DrMoschi /CC BY-SA 4.0)

Fountains Abbey: Ruins And Reminiscences Of Monastic Life In England

The imposing ruins of Fountains Abbey dominate the rural landscape around the village of Aldfield, three miles (4.8 kilometers) west of the town of Ripon in North Yorkshire, England. The largest...
Tomb of Richard de Vere the 11th Earl of Oxford - died 1417 - and his second wife Alice. He commanded the English centre under Henry V at Agincourt, and was involved in the king’s French campaigning. (Image: © Rebecca Batley)

Colne Priory – Revisiting the Excavation Of The Earls Of Oxford’s Tomb Sites

No trace of the medieval Colne Priory in Essex remains above ground, as the site is now occupied by a later building of the same name, and in private ownership. However, for decades archaeologists...