On Left – William Shakespeare. On Right – Representation of posy ring. Source: Left, Steschum / Adobe Stock; Right, Medieval Posy Ring / CC BY-SA 2.0.

Grandmother May Have Found a Ring Owned by Shakespeare

In recent years, metal detectorists have made many exciting discoveries in the United Kingdom . Most recently a retired postal worker in England who is a detectorist believes that she has made a...
Main: Roman Emperor (neurobite / Adobe Stock) Inset: Rare Roman gold discovered in Kent, England Credit: Dix Noonan Webb

Rare Roman Coin Found in a Field in England Sells for $700,000, Smashing New Records

A rare 1700-year-old coin depicting Roman ruler Allectus found by an amateur metal detectorist in a field in Kent, England, has been sold for a staggering price in the UK. The gold coin is very rare...
The treasure-hunters. Working with a metal detector.

History wars: archaeologists battle to save our heritage from the nighthawks

Like grave-robbers, they come at the dead of night, wearing camouflage and dark clothes to avoid detection. Armed with increasingly powerful metal detectors, they work their way across the fields,...