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The intricate Anglo- Saxon artifact has a diameter of only 19.4mm (0.7 in) and features a depiction of an animal at the top, most probably a horse. Source: ANDREW WILLIAMS/NORFOLK COUNTY COUNCIL

Exquisite Silver Gilded Anglo-Saxon Artifact Unearthed, Baffles Experts

A stunningly crafted and gilded silver Anglo-Saxon artifact, skillfully made by someone with a keen sense of beauty, has left experts puzzled as to its purpose and utility. This exquisite artifact,...
George Henderson holding the priory seal matrix; close up of the seal; Butley Priory that the seal represents.   Source: Hansons Auctioneers

10-Year-Old Metal Detectorist Unearths Rare 13th Century Seal Matrix

A 10-year-old boy from Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire has joined the ranks of the United Kingdom’s most successful and well-known metal detectorists. While out searching in a field in Woodbridge...
The Henry III gold coin was found in a Devon field.	 Source: Spink & Son

Henry III Gold Coin Sells for $729,000!

An amateur metal detectorist prospecting on farmland in Hemyock, Devon, in the southwest of England, made a staggering windfall find of what is believed to be one of England’s first gold coins. The...
Ryedale Roman Bronze Artifacts Found By Detectorists Head for Auction

Ryedale Roman Bronze Artifacts Found By Detectorists Head for Auction

A marvelous collection of Roman bronze artifacts that were unearthed in the year 2020 by detectorists in Yorkshire, England, is set to be auctioned next month. The rare Roman bronze collection,...
The Iron Age and medieval jewelry unearthed in Shropshire, England. Left: the medieval brooch with centaurs. Right: The gold Iron Age ring.            Source: British Museum’s Portable Antiquities Scheme

Detectorists Unearth Rare Iron Age and Medieval Jewelry in England

In Britain , metal detectorists have unearthed two historically significant treasures and in particular, very rare pieces of Iron Age and medieval jewelry. One is a gold ring and the other is a...
A metal detectorist finds coins (representational image). Credit: sablin / Adobe Stock

1,300-Year-Old Saxon Coin Found by Treasure Hunter Rewrites English History

An English metal detectorist has found a rare coin proving old London did not fall to the West Saxons until later than currently thought. Buried about four inches deep, Andy Hall, 55, found the 1,300...
On Left – William Shakespeare. On Right – Representation of posy ring. Source: Left, Steschum / Adobe Stock; Right, Medieval Posy Ring / CC BY-SA 2.0.

Grandmother May Have Found a Ring Owned by Shakespeare

In recent years, metal detectorists have made many exciting discoveries in the United Kingdom . Most recently a retired postal worker in England who is a detectorist believes that she has made a...
Main: Roman Emperor (neurobite / Adobe Stock) Inset: Rare Roman gold discovered in Kent, England Credit: Dix Noonan Webb

Rare Roman Coin Found in a Field in England Sells for $700,000, Smashing New Records

A rare 1700-year-old coin depicting Roman ruler Allectus found by an amateur metal detectorist in a field in Kent, England, has been sold for a staggering price in the UK. The gold coin is very rare...
The treasure-hunters. Working with a metal detector.

History wars: archaeologists battle to save our heritage from the nighthawks

Like grave-robbers, they come at the dead of night, wearing camouflage and dark clothes to avoid detection. Armed with increasingly powerful metal detectors, they work their way across the fields,...