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Ithaca looks likely to offer us a new understanding of the ancient world. Source: Kras99 / Adobe Stock.

Can Artificial Intelligence Unlock Secrets of the Ancients?

AI is helping historians rewrite history, quite literally. Published in the journal Nature , a new study reports that AI can fill gaps in ancient Greek inscriptions and indicate where and when they...
Decoding Mayan Glyphs

Linguists Finally Unravelling the Mysteries Trapped Within Mayan Hieroglyphs

For hundreds of years, linguists have been trying to decode the ancient hieroglyphic script of the Mayans, left behind on monument carvings, painted pottery, and drawn in handmade bark-paper books...
Decoding Mayan Glyphs

How Internet helps to decode Mayan scripts

The Mayan civilization was an advanced Mesoamerica civilization which developed art, agriculture, written language as well as mathematical and astronomical systems. People know the Maya mainly from...