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Ayaz Kala in northern Uzbekistan was used by the Kushan Empire as a garrison. Source: bbsferrari / Adobe Stock

Pax Kushana: Uncovering the Forgotten Kushan Empire

Nestled at the very core of ancient Central Asian history lies the enigmatic Kushan Empire, a once-powerful civilization that flourished during the critical centuries of the Common Era. Stretching...
Archaeological excavations at the Interamna Lirenas site in central Italy's Lazio region have revealed the prominent remains of a theater. Source: Alessandro Launaro

Interamna, An Obscure Roman Village Escaped 3rd Century Decline of Empire

Two thousand years ago, the ancient Roman settlement of Interamna Lirenas in central Italy’s Lazio region was a typical remote Empire town. It was believed to have suffered the same fate as so many...
A painting of the Antonine plague, by painter Joseph Wannenmacher, which was the beginning of the end for the western Roman Empire.		Source: ChrisSchweigi / CC BY-SA 3.0

The Antonine Plague and the Downfall of the Roman Empire

The Antonine plague, which happened between 165 and 180 AD, was a disastrous pandemic deemed so catastrophic that many historians have argued that it was the first major event to usher in the decline...
A team at Monash University created stunning computer graphics depicting daily life at Angkor Wat in the late 12th century, before the Khmer exodus.

Staggering Statistics Revealed On Angkor Wat and the Khmer Exodus

Angkor Wat was the enormous capital city of the Khmer Empire , located in modern day Cambodia . Now, a new study has attempted to understand the Khmer exodus, whereby the ancient mega-city of almost...
The End of the Huns: The Death of Attila and the Fall of the Hunnic Empire

The End of the Huns: The Death of Attila and the Fall of the Hunnic Empire

Attila the Hun was also known as Flagellum Dei , which means the ‘Scourge of God.’ With him at the lead, the Huns were one of the biggest threats faced by the Roman Empire. Although he was famously...
Maoi statues on Easter Island

Demise of ancient Rapa Nui civilization linked to European contact

A 2015 study suggests that European “exploration” of the world resulted in the collapse of yet another indigenous people previously thought to have died out pre-contact: the Rapa Nui of Easter Island...