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The Merry Cemetery in Romania. Source: cristianbalate / Adobe Stock.

Romania’s Merry Cemetery, the World’s Happiest Graveyard (Video)

In a remote corner of Romania lies the vibrant and unusual Merry Cemetery. Located in the small village of Săpânța and unconventional in every sense, this burial ground deviates from the solemnity...
Third Century Crisis Invasion of the Goths ( Kristian/ Adobe Stock)

Goths On The Move: The Third Century Barbaricum Invasion of the Roman Empire

In 238 AD, after at least two generations with no mention of the Goths, denizens of the territories above the Roman province of Dacia (modern Romania), showed the first signs of a barbarian...
The controversial Sponsian coin. Source: The Hunterian / University of Glasgow

‘Fake’ Gold Coins Prove Roman Emperor Sponsian Was Real

For many years, a hoard of Roman coins uncovered in Transylvania in 1713 were thought to be forgeries, with the ancient coinage displaying the name of an apparently “lost” emperor known as Sponsian...
Dacian draco, symbol of Dacia, the warrior realm who attached the Romans. Source: Craitza / Adobe Stock.

The Wolves of Dacia Take On the Roman Empire

In ancient times, Dacia was the name given to the area of Central Europe bounded by the Carpathian Mountains . This area corresponds roughly to the modern countries of Romania and Moldovia...
Sarmizegetusa Regia, Romania. Dacian Fortress ruins.           Source: emperorcosar/ Adobe Stock

Spectacular and Ancient Dacian fortresses in the Mountains of Romania

The mighty Dacian civilization once rivalled Rome in power and prestige. Today little remains of this empire apart from the six Dacian fortresses which are located across several sites in the...