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Argali sheep remains emerge from a melting glacier at Tsengel Khairkha, western Mongolia, a site that has yielded evidence of high-altitude hunting over more than three millennia (photographs by W. Taylor and P. Bittner). Source: Antiquity Publications Ltd

Multiple Studies Say Cultural Heritage at Risk Because of Climate Change

In several articles newly published in the journal Antiquity , archaeologists from around the world are sounding the alarm to alert policy makers to the threat posed to humanity’s collective cultural...
Four Iranian heritage sites: The ruins of Persepolis. (F. Couin/ CC BY SA 4.0 ), Pasargadae Tomb in Shiraz (CC BY SA 3.0), Ancient ruins in Susa, Iran (UNESCO), Elaborate decoration in Golestan Palace, Tehran, Iran. (Diego Delso/CC BY SA).

Iran’s Heritage Sites Remain Under Threat. What Could We Lose?

A country’s heritage is arguably vital to its lifeblood. It connects the present to the past and also unites humanity in the appreciation and love for history and archaeology. Ancient cultural sites...