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Medieval thief. Source: nyothep / Adobe Stock.

Thieves’ Cant: The Secret Language Used by History’s Criminals (Video)

For centuries, an enigmatic underworld thrived, its inhabitants conversing in a secret tongue that veiled their intentions. This clandestine dialect, known as thieves’ cant , existed from the 16th to...
Queen Mary’s rosary beads were on display at Arundel Castle until until successfully stolen recently. Source: © Arundel Castle

Queen Mary's Beads, Worn to Her Beheading, Have Been Stolen!

Criminal gangs targeting historic sites in England have struck at Arundel Castle. The rosary beads worn by Mary Queen of Scots when she was being beheaded, have “vanished” in another brazen robbery...
Lockdown Looting: Massive Hoard of Stolen Serbian Artifacts Seized

Lockdown Looting: Massive Hoard of Stolen Serbian Artifacts Seized

Described as a discovery of “great historical and archaeological value,” Serbian customs officials have seized a hoard of over 2,000 ancient artifacts. According to Archaeology News Network , on the...
Remote beach and rocky coastline on Sark Island. Source: allard1 / Adobe Stock.

Criminal Element Returns to Sark Island

Sark , the tiny Channel Island with a deeply criminal pirate history is once again “awash” with crooks, according to a police report. At a mere 2.10 square miles (5.44 square kilometers), with only...
The helmet of a heavily armed ‘secutor’, first century AD. Rógvi N. Johansen, Department of photo and medie Moesgaard

Roman Gladiators Were War Prisoners and Criminals, Not Sporting Heroes

For centuries, the bloody gladiator conflicts that the Romans staged in amphitheatres throughout the empire have engrossed and repelled us. When it comes to gladiators, it is almost impossible to...
Highland along Kjolur, Iceland

The Kjolur Route: Haunted Highway and Ancient Viking Shortcut in Iceland

Positioned on a desert upland in the highlands of Iceland, the Ancient Kjolur Trail gives a new meaning to the word “desolation.” This lengthy, winding thoroughfare, that leads visitors across an...