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A heard of Triceratops horridus walking through a Cretaceous swamp.	Source: Bart Bus/Naturalis Biodiversity Center

New Element of Triceratops Defense Found In Wyoming Fossils

Though Spielberg’s Jurassic Park got a few things wrong historically, it seemed to have got some things spot on. Triceratops, the dinosaur with three horns and the large neck frill, may have indeed...
Dinosaur tracks in highlight and petroglyphs circled by dashed lines. Source: Troiano, et al., Scientific Reports 2024

Dinosaur Tracks in Brazil Found to Have Petroglyph ‘Companions’

A study of a site in Brazil known for its dinosaur tracks has revealed stunning new details about previously unexamined petroglyphs (rock carvings) that cover the very same set of rock formations as...
Representational image of a curious dinosaur. With such curious resident dinosaurs, why don’t we know more about the long-lost continent of Appalachia? Source: simon / Adobe Stock

Long-Lost Appalachia Was Filled with Dinosaurs You’ve Never Heard Of

Believe it or not, but once upon a time, in the area we now know as North America, there existed a forgotten continent which was inhabited by a cast of peculiar dinosaurs you’ve probably never heard...
Days were shorter during the time of the dinosaurs.  Source: Kovalenko I / Adobe Stock

Days Were Half An Hour Shorter 70 million Years Ago

Earth turned faster at the end of the time of the dinosaurs than it does today, rotating 372 times a year, compared to the current 365, according to a new study of fossil mollusk shells from the late...
Flamingos at Lake Natron.

Medusa, The Lake That Turns Flesh Into Stone

In a remote part of northern Tanzania in Africa there is a mysterious lake. The water is so caustic that it can burn the skin and eyes of unprepared creatures. Its shores are littered with the...
A large Iguanodontian footprint.

Dinosaur Footprints of Unimaginable Age Found Romping Along England’s Coastline

Experts in the United Kingdom have announced a major discovery of dinosaur footprints , that are at least 100 million years old and possibly older. The prints were found in Hastings, Sussex on the...
A carnivorous dinosaur track heading up the rock face at Cretaceous Park, Bolivia.

Footprints on the Wall: Were Dinosaurs Actually Climbing the Cliffs in Bolivia?

Some ancient rock art shows the deliberate leaving of hand prints by our ancestors leaving a lasting impression of their existence. The surprising prints that are to be found on a rock face in...
Dinosaurs Extinction affecting other species

Why Dinosaurs Extinction didn’t affect other species similarly?

We all know that dinosaurs do not exist anymore and we are familiar with the theory saying that dinosaurs became extinct more than 60 million years ago at the end of the Cretaceous Period (146 to 65...