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Aerial view on the Roman Colosseum in Italy. Source: dimabucci/Adobe Stock

This is What the Roman Colosseum Looked Like Back Then (Video)

The Colosseum , an emblem of ancient Rome, silently narrates the grandeur and brutality of a bygone era. Crafted under Emperor Vespasian's astute vision, it replaced Nero's opulent Domus Aurea,...
Acanthus leaves on Corinthian columns. Source: Aslan / Adobe Stock.

Acanthus: Why Old Buildings Use the Same Leaf Design (Video)

The leaf design found on old buildings, especially Corinthian columns , holds a fascinating secret. These leaves, known as acanthus leaves, are woven into the architecture, symbolizing the endurance...
Bronze Corinthian helmet found in 5thcentury BC burial mound in, Taman Peninsula, Russia.

First Corinthian Helmet North of the Black Sea Has Been Discovered in Russia

The Russian RIA news agency has reported a remarkable find of an ancient Greek Corinthian helmet. The discovery was made in the Taman Peninsula in the southwest of Russia . The helmet was unearthed...
The findings included vases and a series of lamps, notably some included depictions of the Roman goddess Venus and two cupids.

Valuable Jewels, Ornate Lamps and Coins Unearthed from 2,000-Year-Old Tombs in Corinth

A team of Greek researchers has unearthed unique jewels, coins and other precious artifacts while excavating tombs near the ruins of the ancient city of Corinth. Experts estimate that the newly found...
Remains found in one of the tombs

Mycenean Tombs with Skeletal Remains Discovered near Legendary Nemea

New Mycenaean tombs have been unearthed during recent excavations at the Mycenaean cemetery of Aedonia, a village near Nemea, Greece. The Mycenaean cemetery of Aedonia includes several Late Bronze...
Some of the orichalcum ingots and the two Corinthian helmets found near a 2,600-year-old shipwreck off the coast of Sicily.

More Orichalcum, the Atlantis Alloy, Turns Up with Helmets at a Sicilian Shipwreck, What Was its Use?

Researchers have recovered yet more ingots, possibly of the fabled metal orichalcum, from a ship that sank off the coast of Sicily around 2,600 years ago. The find has led some to ponder whether the...